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LFM NetView


LFM NetView provides secure, on-demand access to laser scan data.



Secure, on-demand access to laser scan data for asset management and project execution

The continual drive for both construction and operational efficiency coupled with the increasing quantity and quality of data capture technology are rapidly broadening the use of laser scan data across the asset lifecycle. This ground-up redesign of LFM NetView delivers the as-operated asset conditions to the desktops and mobile devices of all asset stakeholders allowing for secure global collaboration across multiple project teams and partner companies.





Tablet Enabled

LFM NetView 4.0 is a ground-up redesign utilising the latest web technology. Current access via Internet Explorer 11 and Google Chrome facilitate optimisation for tablet consumption allowing you to take the asset to site or dare we say it, take the site home with you for the evening! 

Cloud Enabled

 By utilising the Microsoft Azure platform LFM are delivering a trusted, secure and globally accessible option for delivering or accessing your laser scan project data. Microsoft Azure not only represents a truly scalable delivery mechanism but all-importantly it facilitates a hybrid cloud solution between your own data centre and public cloud allowing you the freedom of choice for your projects.  

Offline Capabilities

The Offline Mode enables users to download all or part of a project, take measurements and add annotations and then synchronise back to the master dataset. The lightweight scans are cached locally which provides an ideal solution for performing on-site reviews, inspection work-packs, safety briefings and many more activities.

Fast-Tagging & Intuitive Mark-Up

Adding intelligence to an asset has never been so easy with simple 'locate and tag' functionality. Simply navigate to the area or item you are interested in, select it and start adding intelligence. LFM NetView 4.0 allows you to instantly add URL's (links to data, websites or documents)

See for yourself; launch LFM NetView 4.0 Click on the logo on the right to access a demonstration project using LFM NetView 4.0. Instructions on access are below the logo. 

Please Note: You will need to access this project through a Google Chrome (GC) or Internet Explorer 11(IE11) browser. 

Step 1. Click on the logo to the left 
Depending on your browser security settings you may be prompted for a username and password at this stage. If you are, please use the project login details as instructed below. 

Step 2. Please add the following URL into the Project File Path box.

Step 3. Please enter the following login details and click Open. 
Username: guest 
Password: guest

If you encounter problems accessing LFM NetView 4.0 a more comprehensive guide can be accessed by clicking here.

 NetView4Launch graphic
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Key Features:

  • Extensive mark-up and measurement functionality facilitates the easy addition of intelligence to any asset.
  • Tablet and Cloud enabled for truly global access and collaboration.
  • The full project can be reviewed in the intuitive BubbleView™.
  • The Online/Offline feature facilitates remote access for on-site operation.