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LFM Server


Access and work with pre-registered 3D laser scan data with LFM Server.

As 3D laser scanning has become easier and more affordable it has become the technology of choice for ‘as-is’ data capture. LFM Server™ enables users to maximise the value of the rich information that laser scanning generates.

LFM Server is the most advanced solution available for accessing pre-registered laser scan data and working with it directly in 3D CAD systems. It is simple to use and offers unrivalled performance and functionality.

There are many different 3D laser scanners and 3D CAD systems in use today. LFM Server has been developed to provide users with maximum freedom of choice of both scanning and design systems. It can read unstructured data from various scanner types; not only terrestrial laser scanners but also hand-held, mobile or aerial scanners.

Designed to work with data from even the highest-resolution scanner, LFM Server enables users to work with datasets of unlimited size and exploit photorealistic, 360° BubbleViews™. 



  • Open on the input
  • LFM Server can read a wide variety of 3D data capture formats
  • Open on the output
  • LFM Server interfaces seamlessly with all leading 3D CAD systems
  • Unlimited Datasets
  • InfiniteCore™ technology enables project datasets of unlimited size to be readily created and accessed
  • Clash-free Design
  • Accurate, detailed ‘as-is’ information minimises the business risks of revamp projects
  • Business Flexibility
  • Import scans from a wide variety of scanner types and data formats into a single dataset
  • Business Flexibility
  • Import scans from a wide variety of scanner types and data formats into a single dataset

The latest release of LFM Server 4.3 represents another milestone in laser scanning technology. As well as developing even more interoperability with both hardware and software applications LFM are introducing a game-changing capability into this core product that facilitates the rapid adding of intelligence to laser scan data.

Adding Intelligence; 'Mark-up' and 'fast-tagging'
By providing the ability to quickly add intelligence to scan projects we are opening the door to vastly increased usage of laser data with much broader application. As well as the existing project review functionality already offered by existing products on the market, the methodology highlighted below lends itself to a number of asset management use-cases including inspection planning and monitoring, maintenance and information handover between asset owners and contracting companies.


LFM Server; now also OPEN TO...
This latest release of LFM Server will facilitate DotProduct .dp, FARO .fws, Leica .prj and Trimble .tzf file formats. As well as exporting data to Autodesk ReCap LFM Server also outputs to Bentley ConstructSim and Intergraph Smart3D 2014.  

For more information please download the latest product datasheet from the downloads tab.

Specifiche Tecniche

Server Mode key features:

  • Import data from any laser scanner - export to any CAD package.
  • Load an unlimited number of scans without compromise.
  • Clash detect proposed CAD design against the as-built environment.
  • Navigate inside the photorealistic BubbleView™ as if present on site.

Gateway Mode key features:

  • Automatic scan-to-scan registration.
  • Traffic-light metrics immediately display the qualities of registration.
  • Inter-cloud registration enables accurate scan registration without the use of targets.
  • Target prediction algorithms enable automatic fitting of the remaining targets once or or two have been located in the scan data.