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Free OXTS IMU control and configuration software.


navsuite01NAVconfig is our universal configuration tool—used to configure inertial navigation systems.
Although it is a very powerful tool, NAVconfig has been laid out in an intuitive and easy to use way, so you can start using your new equipment straight away. 

This fully functional version allows unlimited configurations to be created both online and offline, and it can even extract configuration data from existing measurements, so you’re always sure of what settings were used to capture the data.




navsuite02At OxTS we don’t just sell our products, we use them too. This means feedback from our support engineers is fed straight back to the software development team—and NAVdisplay is an example of why this works.

Our support engineers working in the field wanted an easily configurable piece of software that would allow them to quickly monitor one or more products in real-time.

NAVdisplay answers that call with its fully configurable dashboard style and easy to read interface. Not only that, it can also analyse the data in real-time, providing instant feedback when definable test conditions are triggered.



navsuite03NAVgraph is our graphing platform for viewing, analysing and editing measurement data. As well as reading OxTS formatted data and displaying it graph form, NAVgraph can also export data in a number of formats giving you the freedom to handle your data in a way that suits you.

Because the measurements collected during tests with inertial navigation systems are often large, NAVgraph has been optimised to preserve system performance even when very large files are loaded and multiple measurements are displayed. While scrolling through the data, precise cursor values are displayed allowing you to quickly see exactly what was happening at a given moment in time.

RT Post-processRT Post-process

navsuite04RT Post-process is our powerful and feature-rich post-processing application. It provides access to a number of technologies designed to quickly get you the measurements you need with the minimum amount of effort. As well as adding differential corrections to measurements, RT Post-process can automatically read multiple RINEX files, which is a huge time saver when processing longer journeys.

When measurements are collected in challenging environments, our forwards/backwards processing algorithm also helps to improve accuracy, while gx/ix™ processing can even improve position accuracy using single satellite-aiding. RTK integer lock can also be reacquired in a matter of seconds when gx/ix™ RTK is available.