Laser Scanner - Technology


The Laser Scanner are Non Destructive Test equipment to scan in 3D the whole objects and environments you want for every field of applications:

  •   Industrial Application
  •   Building
  •   Cultural Heritage
  •   Infrastructure
  •   Virtual Reality
  •   Forensic
  •   Ship-building


The laser scanners are capable of emitting an electromagnetic pulse (the laser) and to receive the reflected signal, by measuring the elapsed time interval, and then the distance between the instrument and the detected point.

The laser beam is deflected by a rotating and/or oscillating mirrors mechanism with the angle azimuthal and zenithal variation, illuminates all around in contiguous points. This system operates by measuring even milions of points per second generating the "point clouds".

For each measurement (x, y, z), the system provides the intensity of the return signal describing the scanned object surface.

Phase Shift Laser scanner

Triangulation Laser scanner

For these equipments 3D TARGET provides products, renting, support, calibration and maintenance contracts.

Visit the section Applications to learn about the fields of application.