About 3d target

3D TARGET was founded to provide assistance, products, rental, and training courses about NDT (Non Destructive Test) to every company, professional and PA.
We have active agreements and partnerships with the leading brands in every technology.

What's important to 3D TARGET: Our Values

ISO en

We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified for:

- Distribution, rental and after sales NDT measurement systems and software;
- Software and hardware design of measurement systems and their integration;
- Production and assembly of instruments, sensors and integration of measurement systems.


pre and after sales support

choice and use:

we help you to ensure your success

technical know-how:

a well trained staff


Our goal

We WANT to support you in your needs, with a full range of Hardware & Software solutions:

  •   Laser Scanners
  •   Infrared Thermal Cameras
  •   Tracking Systems
  •   Test & Measurement Instruments
  •   Standard & 360° Photographs
  •   Standard & Tailor-Made Softwares
  •   System Integration

Our services

  •   Sale
  •   Rental
  •   Assistance & Support
  •   Technical advice
  •   Training courses
  •   Software & Hardware: supply and development

Have a look at our web site www.3dtarget.it: you'll find all the information you may require about our services, our products and their applications.

Contact 3D TARGET team with your questions. We're here to help.



  •   IVAR
  •   Caparol
  •   Università Salerno
  •   Università di Padova
  •   Università Genova
  •   Università Napoli
  •   Università Roma 1
  •   Thyssen Krupp
  •   Topcon
  •   Italteleco srl
  •   Klevers Italiana
  •   ENI
  •   Saipem
  •   ANAS SPA
  •   ILVA
  •   Foster&Wheeler
  •   Project Automation srl
  •   ITIA CNR
  •   Politecnico di Milano
  •   Cofely GDF SUEZ
  •   Kanazawa University
  •   Tribunale di Brescia
  •   Veronesi SPA
  •   COMISA
  •   Università Roma 3
  •   Saint Gobain
  •   Centro di Restauro Venaria Reale
  •   Accademia Santa Giulia
  •   Surgica Robotica
  •   INFN
  •   Geotop srl
  •   Cogeme