3DT-Mobile Mapping System


3D Mobile Survey System

3DT MMS Manager is the syncronization platform developed by 3D Target to record the observations from different sensors installed in a mobile mapping environment to a temporal database. There are no limits to the quantity and the nature of the sensors that can be connected to the platform: every component is handlet through a dedicated plugins system which allows to add further sensors at any time and to upgrade the existing sensors to improve the performances. With this philosophy, a system designed and delivered for Google Street View style with 360° imagers, can become an high performance equipment for cadastrial applications, adding value to the initial investment.

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• Multi-vehicle installation platform
• High. accuracy in the geometric acquisition
• Fine alignment of the images
• Dedicated data extraction plugins
• Turnkey modules developed according customer's requests

• Scalability
• Modularity
• Versatility
• Same supplier for hardware and software
• Surveying
• Road asset management
• Environmental monitoring
• 3D rendition
• Pavement analysis
• Cross sections analysis
• Coast morphology
• River bank surveying
• Tunnel analysis
• Automatic asset extraction

The POS is the core of our mobile mapping systems, allowing to accurately track the trajectory of the vehicle at high frequency and precisely locate the observations of the sensors around. It features a GPS receiver and an Inertial Measurement Unit insalled on a rigid platform, with a Distance Measurement Unit that can be also installed on the wheels. Depending on the specific need, and the accuracy required by the customer application, we can suggest the best solution for your system.

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Lidar sensors allows to measure the geometry of the environment around the vehicle. The architecture of the system allows to select different and/or multiple Lidar sensors, depending not only on the range needed, but also on the frequency and the spatial density of the information required. Do you already own a laser scanner? Ask us to implement it in your new mobile mapping system!

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The system can be equipped with digital imaging system: The scalar architecture allows to implement linear, matrix or panoramic cameras, with also IR or multi-spectral sensors. Smart algorhitms allows to minimize the impact of the huge amount of information collected through the images, which are all accurately georeferenced and oriented for further analysis.

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The high modularity of the solution we propose allows to add on request enviromental sensors, or human behavior sensors to investigate the reactions of the driver or the pedestrians. Nanoparticles detectors, eye-trackera, georadars and biometric sensors are just some of the sensors that can be added to the system, also with further steps for dedicated incoming research projects.

During the survey, 3DT MMS Manager is the platform to acquire, control and synchronize the sensors, allowing also verifying the correct functionality of each component. Specific calibration and setting tools are provided. Property software (3DT Smart Processing) is designed to analyze the information collected by the various sensors: post-processing through a well-defined and repeatable procedure (allowing to output the data in the most common formats, analyze the data with dedicated modules (Road asset, pavement analysis, 3D Modeling, Analysis of the track geometry and interference, Automatic extraction of the profiles, generation of terrain models). The software supports the interface with geographic database or the export the results in various formats compatible with third-party software. The software is also customizable, even with the implementation of advanced algorithms for the extraction of substantial quantities data.

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