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OXTS pre & post-processing software

Lane Survey

Line SurveyThe Lane Survey module is a quick and easy to use piece of software that helps you to accurately survey lane markings that can be used to generate a map file.

While presenting real-time information relevant to the surveying process, it also provides visual feedback on the survey points being collected.


Map Creation

MapCreationThe Map Creation module takes data recorded with the Lane Survey module and turns it into a map that can be used by our RT-Range systems.

The RT-Range system then uses the information in real-time to measure its own position relative to the measured lanes, and output that information.
There are many uses for this, but it is especially useful for developing lane departure warning systems.


Real Time Display

The Real Time Display is itself a powerful collection of software modules designed to quickly provide an RT-Range user with all the real-time information they need. It is also possible to configure RT-Ranges from within the application and watch a bird’s eye view of active targets too. The Real Time Display is a powerful piece of management software for ADAS testing.

RT-Range Post-process

RT-Range Post-ProcessingThe RT-Range Post-process module is specifically for use with RT-Range products.

It is a powerful tool for extracting and calculating lane position measurements and hunter/target measurements using NCOM files.
The processed measurements can also be exported in CSV format to give you maximum flexibility when it comes to working with your data