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FLIR Hadron


View thermal and HD color images in flight.


Pre-integrated RGB / thermal module

FLIR Hadron is the brand new RGB and thermal module, designed by FLIR for robotic integration and drone applications. Hadron weighs around 43 grams and is very compact in size, offering a new solution to anyone looking to integrate visible and thermal optics even on smaller drones.

FLIR Hadron can grant the user a quality imaging experience in both the visible and the thermal world and is aimed at those integrators who intend to differentiate their platforms in terms of size and performance.

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FLIR Hadron allows you to view thermal and HD color images in flight. Ideal for inspection, locate and identify subjects in low light and dark conditions.

It features a high-resolution output designed for smaller class airframes and a low profile design that enables flexible positioning on the airframe and SWaP to maintain longer air time.

FLIR Hadron was designed for the specific needs of the US army and was only later made available for public use.

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