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S199 - ButterflEYE LS


Hyperspectral camera with 470nm – 900nm range, 160 channels

ButterflEYE LS- Multispectral camera

wavelength range: 470 nm – 900 nm
spectral channels: 160 channel width: 5-10nm
resolution: 2 megapixel linescan
smart camera, SD card slot + SSD
lens system: C-Mount
up to 30 fps
weight 300g power 15W @ 9-15V

Full Frame linescan Hyperspectrometer

The S 199 is based on linear filter-on-chip spectral imager technology. This imager operates at high frame rates on unmanned aerial vehicles to generate over 160-channel hyperspectral maps with a ground resolution of up to 9 cm, or higher. This lightweight hyperspectral mapping solution is the first of its kind, featuring high spatial and spectral resolution without the need of compromise. The whole device is build with ease of use in mind. The data processing is done by a cloud based service, allowing you to concentrate on your application.

Special features

Turnkey solution for hyperspectral mapping
160 Channels
Cloud Service Data processing
Data storage on camera SSD or SD
Wireless remote operation possible
Processing solutions tailored for your applications

The S 199 is a complete solution for high resolved hyperspectral mapping from UAVs. It offers the unique combination of very high spatial and high spectral resolution, thus enabling a whole new range of applications. Those exceptional features are realized by capturing linear filtered frames at very high frame rates with an image overlap of 99% during flight. After flight, the software solution is generating a hyperspectral ground map. To handle the data processing, a cloud based service is provided,offering optimal scalability. The processing does not stop at the provision of spectral datamaps. True to our moto – Acquire, Process, Interprete, Act – we are supporting you with processing solutions tailored for your applications. For further information, please talk to our application engineers.

Specifiche Tecniche
1 Technology Filter-On-Chip
2 Number of spectral channels 160
3 Spectral throughput [spectra/capture] 2048 line
4 Wavelength range [nm] 470-900
5 Spectral resolution [nm] 05-ott
6 Sampling interval [nm] 4
7 Snapshot line / frame
8 Sensor resolution [nm] 2
9 Cube resolution [pixel] 2048 x 1
10 Cube rate [fps] 30
11 Measurement time [ms] 0,1-1000
12 Detector type Si CMOS
13 Digitization [Bit] 8, 10
14 SNR max [dB] typ. 39
15 Dynamic range [dB] typ. 58
16 Shutter type Global
17 Camera interface USB, GigE
18 Camera connections Power, Trigger in, Trigger Out
19 Camera CPU ARM 7
20 Camera storage SSD or SD Card
21 Objective mount C-Mount
22 Lens user- changeable no
23 Operating temperature [°С] 0…+40
24 Weight [Gramm] 300
25 Power [V, W] 9-15V / 15W