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S128 - ButterflEYE VIS


Hyperspectral camera with 470nm – 630nm range, 16 channels

ButterflEYE VIS – Mosaic Multispectral camera

wavelength range: 470 nm – 630 nm
spectral channels: 16 channel width: 20nm
resolution: 512×272
smart camera, SD card slot
lens system: C-Mount
weight 300g power 15W @ 9-15V

Filter-on-chip spectral Imager

The Cubert S 128 is based on a highly integrated filter-on-chip technology. This design combines 16 single spectral channels in mosaic design with QVGA resolution. We integrated this with a state of the art intelligent camera and completed the whole setup with our industry leading spectral camera software. This package enables data acquisition, data storage and data processing directly on the camera. Altogether we deliver to you the most integrated and lightweight spectral camera available on the market. Together with our set of accessories you get the fastest access to UAV based imaging. The spectral range from 470 to 600 nm enabling applications in remote sensing and everywhere else.

Special features

16 Channels, mosaic
Control pannel for computerless operation
Data storage on camera SD-card
Wireless remote operation possible
Mosaic spectral Imagers

The Butterfleye cameras uses a unique filter on chip technology which opens up a sweet spot between multi-chip multispectral cameras and full-blown hyperspectral cameras. With a medium spectral resolution of 16 to 25 channels the device enables a spatial resolution higher than QVGA. Everything is combined in a smart camera module which enables not only the data storage directly on the device, but also application related post processing on the camera itself. The device features computerless operation with a action-cam-like operation scheme making it easy to set up and use it in the field. With our spectral imaging software we bring you a versatile tool for data acquisition and processing, and offer full access to remote operation.

Specifiche Tecniche
1 Technology Filter-On-Chip
2 Number of spectral channels 16
3 Spectral throughput [spectra/capture] 140 000
4 Wavelength range [nm] 470-630
5 Spectral resolution [nm] 20
6 Sampling interval [nm] 20
7 Snapshot yes
8 Sensor resolution [nm] 2
9 Cube resolution [pixel] 512x272x16
10 Cube rate [fps] 20
11 Measurement time [ms] 0,1-1000
12 Detector type Si CMOS
13 Digitization [Bit] 10
14 SNR max [dB] typ. 39
15 Dynamic range [dB] typ. 58
16 Shutter type Global
17 Camera interface USB, GigE
18 Camera connections Power, Trigger in, Trigger Out
19 Camera CPU ARM 7
20 Camera storage SD-Card
21 Objective mount C-Mount
22 Lens user- changeable yes
23 Operating temperature [°С] 0…+40
24 Weight [Gramm] 300
25 Power [V, W] 9-15V / 15W