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3D Suspect Measurement


The fusion between 2D and 3D data in Forensic application

With 3D Suspect Measurement, a suspect caught on on a surveillance camera can be measured using a combination of the captured data and a 3D laser scan.

The surveillance camera images can not be measured on themselves but when the image is combined with a laserscan which is accurate within millimeters, the image becomes measurable.
This software enables the user to select common points between the laserscan and the image. Intelligent algorithms will align the image so it becomes measurable.
Now anyone can measure in a 2D picture within minutes!

3dss2   3dss3

Suspect Measurement

When the image is made measurable a virtual human or arrow becomes available. With the arrow a simple measurement of the length of the suspect can be done.
When the suspects pose is not straight it is better to use a virtual human. The virtual human can be posed within every shape. There are some very useful tools which will facilitate in
the process of measuring suspects from surveilance camera’s.
The user is capable to determine the height of a person in the 2D image by marking the position of the feet and posing a virtual human. Lens distortion is fully compensated for by the built-in algorithms.


A report can be generated automatically when the measurements are made. The report is generated within the versatile PDF format.

Navigation window

All your scene objects are stored and available within this window. It’s easy to navigate multiple scans, images and virtual humans.

Image window

The images form the surveillance camera can be viewed in this window. The navigation is like any image viewing package. Very usefull is to project the 3D virtual human within this aera.


3D window

The 3D space is the area where the scans and virtual humans are handled. Multiple scans and virtual humans can be made visible simultaneously. When elements of the environment are obstructing the view, a limitbox helps in blocking the area.

Live preview

Very usefull is to project the 3D virtual human within the image window. This way, it can be manipulated to fit the image accurately.