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TC Grabber

Sku: 3DT-TX-TC-Gr

Fast USB2.0 grabber for Flir Tau core



ThermalCapture Grabber USB brings the raw data stream from your TAU Core to your PC or embedded system in real-time.
The Mac OS X, Linux and Windows SDK makes access to full 14-bit radiometric and non radiometric raw data easy. Additionally the serial configuration interface of the TAU core can be accessed during raw data transfer.
The SDK is open source to allow an easy porting to different hardware platforms.
Mac OS X and Linux SDK uses libusb 1.0 to communicate with the hardware, so no kernel driver module is needed. V4L2 sample code based on v4lloopback is available.
Windows SDK uses WHQL certified driver available for Windows XP, 7, 8, 10.


• USB 2.0 high speed grabber for Tau cores
• Low latency raw data streaming
• Supports TAU 160, 324, 336, 640
• For radiometric and non5radiometric cores
• Supports slow5 and fast5video TAU cores up to 30 fps

Specifiche Tecniche


Peso: 25g (senza TAU Core)
Dimensioni: 46mm x 42mm x 15mm
Consumo: 150mA at 5V (da USB)