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Fifteen years ago, 3D TARGET was born with a vision to help people measure, know and interpret what is and what will be.

Today, we are celebrating three decades of unique impact: our anniversary is a tribute to our ongoing commitment to providing innovative solutions to redefine the field of non-destructive measurement.

3D TARGET's tangible achievements and contributions to the field of non-destructive measuring instruments are evident in our revolutionary designs and cutting-edge scanning technologies. Our essence is a passion for innovation and a commitment to constantly pushing the boundaries.

With strong roots in Italy, our presence extends globally. We operate in several markets, bringing our expertise and quality to the world. From an Italian company to an international reality, we are proud to be a point of reference for companies, professionals and organisations seeking advanced measurement solutions.

Behind every success, there are the extraordinary people who have shaped our journey. From the visionary founders to the talented members of the current team, each has contributed significantly to the growth of 3D TARGET. We celebrate the faces behind the brand and recognise the hard work and dedication that made it all possible.

Our anniversary is a special occasion and the perfect time to reflect on past successes and look forward to an even more promising future.

15 years of 3D TARGET means 15 years of excellence, innovation and commitment. A journey that will continue to redefine industry standards. Join us as we celebrate this milestone and look forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the next chapters of our remarkable story. For more details on our evolution and cutting-edge solutions, visit our website.